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I was a block further down for Zulu, roughly at St. Charles and Canal. Actually caught a plastic coconut this year--it's proudly displayed on the mantle, along with a little tambourine. Glad your child was able to catch a dragon.

Driving chores limited my consumption--oh well, that was probably for the best...made it home safely and was able to celebrate then.

Oh, and indeed, New Orleans has a soul, but as for being in the USA, I'm partial to Spencer Bohren's usual remark at the beginning of his shows that its nice to return to the city after visiting the United States (or words to that effect).


It really felt like folk were just in love with the city, with Mardi Gras, with the spectacle yesterday.

I was.

It was like a first date again after a testy breakup.

The heart is heavy with hope and plans to make it right. Better than it was.

Here we go.......


I'm 41 years old and I've never caught a Zulu coconut.

My daughter is 11 and saw Zulu for the first time this year, and she got *two* of 'em.

Melpomene and St. Charles. The coconuts were flying, man.


Your wife sounds like a catch! I completely agree with her, too - and especially after living in Houston for six months: the majority of US cities are simply geographies, New Orleans is a place to live.


Mardi Gras was magnificent! I enjoyed it, too.



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