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Didn't Chirac study and/or graduate from Tulane, long ago?



He studied at Tulane while a student at Institut d'etudes politiques de Paris. This exposure to NOLA aided him in completing his master's thesis: "La Port de Nouvelle Orleans".


What about the Swiss? Wouldn't they want a piece of Chocolate City?

Tim P.

Hugo Chavez is probably up for a piece...


Oh, the irony. Castro and Chavez will come to our aid...


Ashley posts fresh like a biscuit and grits in the morning!

Pass the coffee AND cream.

Mr. Clio

How was that Krewe du Vieux march, sir?

Enlighten us.


Saw you (the Mime) on CNN this AM; thought they did a good story on the parade (and they actually used footage from this year, unlike their online articles earlier in the week which had photos from last year's carnival.)

Mr. Clio

Mime us an update on what it was like.


Nice photo in the paper, sir.

Good work the other night!


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