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Here are some photos I took, I tried to capture you on film but my damn flash was too slow to reload. Your float was my favorite of the entire parade. This year's KdV was the best I've ever attended and I've been going for many years. Great job!

Seymour D. Fair

Your mime act was the single thing that made me laugh the hardest during KdV. Then when I found out it was you yesterday it even made it that more funny. HAHHAHAHAHA.

R. Eustis

That was you! Amazing. What a terrific parade this year-- and a big, big crowd where I was standing.


Hey, Ashley, it was nice to meet you the other day and thanks for the offer of cigars even though I didn't accept.

The mime was you? Cool! The bf and I are in Krewe du Vieux as well, Krewe de C.R.A.P.S., to be specific. We Fingered The Dike this year.

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