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I like the spirit of your proposal, but taking the the "under" on Benson's potential heartlessness may not be the smartest way to bet.


Yeah...I'm kinda putting all my eggs in Tagliabue's basket.

The only other option is to tell Shinn to hang out in OKC another year, since the Saints will be gone by 2007.


I'm sorry, after many years of pulling for the Saints, allowing Jake Delhomme to win the starting QB job elsewhere was the last straw. I'm a former UL-Lafayette athlete myself. After seeing Jake get rejected by the Saints and then get a shot at the starting job in Carolina made me look at the Panthers. When he won the starting job in week 1 of the 2003 season, me, my family, and a bunch of coon asses from Lafayette, Breaux Bridge, and Cecilia said the hell with Benson and the Saints.

Go Ragin Cajuns and Jake Delhomme!!


I miss my favorite Catfish with hspepuupihs and turnip (or collard) greens. All the catfish out here tastes like mud. Glad to hear you tasting the flavor again! You were getting skinny


I don't know whether he is giluty or innocent. What I do know is the vile and vitriol poured out on him by the likes of Mark Shea, Jimmy Akin, and Elizabeth Scalia (the Anchoress) has left me breathless. Their behavior shows them to be nothing more than arrogant over-rated "professional" Catholics. They have acted despicably! He just posted the sheep, wolf, sheepdog story and one priest left a comment over at some blog calling it "fascism." Huh??? And then the commenters proceeded to vilify people that lived in Idaho and Montana as a bunch of moronic militia types (I live in North Idaho.) These people better wake up to the fact that there are some problems in the Church (which mirror the problems in this country) and they are not part of the solution!

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