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Hell Yes! I can't wait to see what kind of wild and bawdy satire all the Krewe du Vieux subkrewes will put on this year.


Too funny!

I'm kinda surprised that some terrorist group hasn't seen the wonderful opportunity there already, actually. I mean - it's an unclaimed bombing, right?


Outstanding. You should go with the first idea. I mean, what, too tasteless? Tastelessness is measured on a whole different scale now. Besides, who doesn't like dressing up like a prostitute?

So how can I order one of those "C'est Levee" t-shirts?

Ian McGibboney

Category 5 levees by June? If you claim terra, they'll be up by February! Of course, they won't function besides making for pretty pictures, but who's counting?


I'll find out about C'est Levee shirts this week. And to give you a hint about our subkrewe theme, I may come dressed as a jar of mayonnaise...



I don't want any beads from the guy dressed like the month-old rotting chicken.


Your stickers were eerrywhvee at the Saints game. On girls behinds, on guys shirts, on hats, on legs, on arms, on the wallGreat work.I can't begin to imagine how much you put in to that night.You are first rate. We talk of envisioning what Our City can be.You, sir, are making it happen.

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