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Now I am depressed. I had just written in my blog about how strong and resilient New Orleaneans are (in part due to what I read on all these wonderful sites), and to hear you express such dissillusionment... I don't know what to say. Keep at it, don't give up. Keep pressing for answers and fulfilled promises. I'll continue to do what little I can by badgering my elected representatives for more action.


My krewe's theme is "No Place Like Home."


Check my blog for a hilarious animated short on how to become a republican. It truly says it all. Red State Robots.


Lets pull away from the nation, become our own republic. Then we can take care of our own problems. Been preaching that for a while.


...and you may find yourself living in FEMA trailer...

Cheer up, man. Cowen's turn will come.



I read the newsletter for the C'est Levee theme - that is DAMN funny. "Spermes declares mandatory ejaculation; Cuntraflow in Effect" had me dying.


All those members of the ASCE, who got pbuilb monieswho designed, or inspected the failedstructures in New Orleans, have any noticedtheir names are kept in the dark by all theother ASCE engineers who did the so calledinvestigation on New Orleans.If that keeps up, the soul of theprofession, will not be safed even ifDr Seed writes 42 books.No wonder some want true full sunshine.Not in name only, but in reality.

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