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Levee ORG has a question:Why is the enngieernig community so reluctant to blame the Corp for the failures ?Has Levee Org looked at all the money the Corps passed out to enngieernig firms, & which ones did levee designs(or related) and had some connection to the works, so called protection works around New Orleans.Therein, lies the very answer to the question Levee Org raised.Some have a misconception on the Corps, the Corps is largely a conduit to pass out large wads of money, to others, including enngieernig frims.Things are done under the name Corps of Engineers, but it is some private enngieernig firm who did the desisgn, and even on some Corps drawings/ plans it notes who those private enngieernig frims were(are). La ruber stamp city.And, how many of those private enngieernig frims were memebers of the ASCE.A Professional PE has a PE #, when licensed.The designer of those plans was not some guy down at Kinkos Copy shop.Yes, it is rather amazing how so much was swept under the silty sands of wailing winds.Also, it has been known since 1965(when hurricane Besty hit) that winds would whip up a dangerous surge of water off of the Lake, and other water bodies headed towards New Orleans.Any designer would have to take than into account if acting professionally with a PE license.How many failed to. Yes, how many, that is the tragic failure as well the dark secret on that some(in high places) want to hide.Is it that the ASCE does not care to have the American public and Congress know despite the massive money(public funds) doled out to Corps contractors, who also employed licesned PE's(Professional engineers)-the big SHEILD of silence hangs over this like a dark cloud to hide the truth.How can that happen in America ?It should concern you, if you truly care abuout this Nation, and its well being.


Well, AASHTO didn't frame their message prolprey. NPR tonite made a point about most folks not knowing our infrastructure is in cr*ppy shape.Seriously, it's far, far easier to build a new arterial along the shopping center and out to the new, shiny McSuburb than it is to raise taxes to repair the bridge you cross on the way to work. What's the wager that taxes won't get raised to get close to AASHTO recommendations until 3-4 more bridges collapse/levees fail/steam pipes explode/NG pipeline burns for days?Best,D


It would be difficult in our moredn world for any single group to take over the world, it is just to diverse. However, to conquer anyone, one goal is not to kill everyone, but to destroy their will to fight. So it is possible for large groups of people to give up and live in what ever environment because they precede the price of objecting to great.Also, conquer and control are two different worlds. The Nazis conquered France and many other countries, but never had full control of the people.


I think you're right. These terrorists who use their regilion as a lame excuse for murder don't have a chance of succeeding. Most likely they will just throw a few suicide bombers at us every now and then and we will live with it until they eventually become history. I doubt they'll be keeping it up two hundred years into the future.


WELL I LIVE IN THE HOUSTON AND I TALK TO A LOT OF Evacuees. AND THEY ALL THINK THAT THE LEVEE WAS BROKEN WITH explosives. TO DISTROY THE 9th ward rdsneeits in the 9TH ward there are a lot of senior citizen over the age of 65 and over just do the count of senior citizen that died in the Hurrican and the senior citizen that died on the bus in TEXAS in the boat that flip over in New York now think. If the senior citizens die that more Social Security that just more social security that does not have to be paid it's just call saving money.


I realize NOLA peeps are ssnvitiee to this issue, but I wonder if there was as much indignation when Exxon Valdez wasn't called a man-made disaster or when earthquakes are called natural disasters even though the man-made buildings that collapse are the most common killer in earthquakes. I don't think this is a big issue, considering how much federal money has indeed poured into the region (including NOLA). Whether you think the money has been spent wisely or not is another matter; but clearly there is no prevailing national sentiment that NOLA is just a place where people shouldn't live. The article which you don't link to also use the terms domestic disaster, disaster and, in reference to Valdez spill, simply an accident. Nobody has any problem with calling hurricanes and typhoons natural disasters when they hit and kill people in Third World crap-holes (even if in fact the calamity could be considered man made due to poorly build infrastructure). In effect: an oil spill is a natural disaster, unless you think cleaning up beaches; a hurricane is a natural disaster even if the damage to NOLA is caused by crappy infrastructure. Besides: who says human nature isn't natural anyway? Ya'll just need to chill out about this. The most important thing to realize is this: Nobody who matters is saying NOLA should sink into the Gulf because people shouldn't live there. You are getting angry about a few fringe-y schmucks who have no lives who go online and blather about how NOLA should be allowed to sink into the Gulf. They don't matter. Ignoring these mental midgets is the best thing to do. Again: follow the money and tell me that the rest of the country doesn't care. BILLIONS have been spent proof of otherwise. I like your organization, but can we please put to rest this stupid semantic debate that gets us nowhere?


Dear Mr. Scribbles, created its peoititn for two reasons: 1) The NYTimes routinely refers to Katrina BOTH generally and in New Orleans as a natural disaster, and 2) to give displaced New Orleanians an opportunity to respond to Mr. Brock's assumption about them.Sadly, I am afraid many out there continue to say the cause of the flooding was not failed infrastructure and carved up wetlands. Just 2 weeks ago, US Senator Byron Dorgan called the flooding in New Orleans the result of a natural disaster and declared the people of N.O. should thank the Corps of Engineer for fixing the levees post-K. Again thank you for the kind words. We won't give up


You're right about that.They'll no doubt kill as many of us as they can trying.That last pesorn in Europe.How many millions died that time.I think 20,000,000 would be a low estimate.There were no Atomic weapons around then either.


I can't imagine him lying about that but he very well could have. You mean he wdouln't lie, like he did about the Iraq war?You mean like he's lied about so many other things?Yup, he's got track record of being an entirely honest president or maybe I'm thinking about anyone apart from Shrub. :P


I too am watching pregsors on this storm and thinking of everywhere back in Louisiana. This sounds exactly like the worst-nightmare storm New Orleans has worried about years.


I keep hoping the world will wake the fuck up and rezalie it's going to take the majority of nations to put their foot down and say Bad dog! and start whacking things with the proverbial rolled up newspaper before this kind of insane violence stops.


Calling the Qur'an amazing is not soimhteng done only by Muslims, who have an appreciation for the book and who are pleased with it; it has been labeled amazing by non-Muslims as well. In fact, even people who hate Islam very much have still called it amazing


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Sandy, you and the other volunteers shweod us a lot more than the levees and the neighborhoods. What you all really shared so willingly was the core of what it means to be absolutely dedicated, compassionate, and powerful advocates.Thank you so much.Prof Steve GorelickHunter College


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I was at my Great-Aunt & Uncle's in Crowley, waiting to see what was going to hepapn. As for the folks who were saying Why build there? , I can only point to the blue squiggly thing on the map, running from Minnisota to the Gulf. That's why we're here. Until the Old River Control Structure fails & the River pulls up stakes for Morgan City, there will be a New Orleans.

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