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What makes Lusher great, what makes any school great, is commitment from parents. Lusher parents by definition are interested, engaged and active in the education of their children. You're a prime example. There's no automatic in. You've got to advocate for it. That's why I've always opposed vouchers. Giving a voucher to an apathetic parent will do nothing to improve education. Okay, that's a little off-subject, but my point is that what Lusher was doing was working for a wide swath of citizens--why mess with it???

I agree that Scott Cowen is not operating in the best interest of the general population. He is as always acting on what he thinks will benefit his business and his bosses at Tulane. Period. I agree that we should be very careful of him. Good luck with everything,


Mr. Clio

I'm a Lusher parent. I've been amazed at Tulane's (Cowen's) PR machine talking about how Tulane "started" a charter school. They threw that around during the storm exile.

"Piggybacked" is what they've done. It's easy to be a frontrunner. Pick the best school in the district, throw a little money at it, then say you've partnered to create this great thing.


Ugly reality.

Education not properly managed in the public arena falls into the hands of free enterprise.

This is what all of the private schools in the city have gained considerable profit from.

We must consider how far-reaching this blog entry you've put together really is.

A reputable public school system puts Country Day, Newman, Jesuit, etc. in a real pinch.

Think of what will happen to St. Andrew's and Stuart Hall on Carrollton should decent the ideal public system come into reality!

Great posting.

Thought provoking...


Hi! This is somewhat off topic, but I just can not find the answer anywhere...where exactly are (were) the Lusher boundaries? Does anyone know exactly? Thanks: )



The number of apioicatplns means: don't fuck with us, or your child is out of here. I am dealing with this right now as I watch Franklin crumble from the inside bit things like teacher's salaries cut as the front office staff balloons, older teacher's laid off in favor of younger Teach For A Pittance in America sorts; small things like the school kicking the athletics boosters out of their concession booth so they lose their only source of income); wondering how exactly to address some of the issues I see or hear about without having myself escorted off the grounds by security at the direction of the CEO/Headmaster (which has happened to two parents I know) or my child booted out.I tend to piss people off when I say this, but the deconstruction of public education in New Orleans will be remembered with the Tuskegee Experiment, a reckless exercise in the abstract principles of the free market with no regard for the children. I'm thinking of filing an application to start The Ayn Rand Academy of the Invisible Hand. I will import my teachers from some English speaking third world country, and chain them in the basement at night. The students, who will double as custodians as a character building exercise and as a substitute for P.E., will be rigorously driven through a program of fear and group think based on the Maoist Cultural Revolution model to excel at the LEAP and SAT, and the outcomes will amaze the world.


Sorry to hear that. Franklin is The Girl's single high sochol choice. And I am SO the kind of parent they don't want ..TfAs at Franklin? We need to talk. wondering how exactly to address some of the issues I see or hear about without having myself escorted off the grounds by security at the direction of the “CEO/Headmaster” (which has happened to two parents I know) or my child booted out. this is not what Choice is supposed to bring. This is not Choice. This is some folks justifying any ends and any means. And what good is privatization/chartering if parents are muzzled, either with direct threats or fear of having to exercise that non-existent Choice when their kid is kicked out of a sochol? Do either of the Pauls, or Leslie Jacobs, care about the actualities of this system ? Let me answer my own question: Fuck no.


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