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da po' boy

Congrats on the kid and the name and on your successful efforts to repopulate the city.


I will now blog his name and bring him into the memesphere.


Congratulations--and good to hear your new child and wife are both doing fine.

Good name too.


Belated Congratulations! And I like the name as well. "D'Orleans"... that's a bold move!

(Good end of the year "timing" for the tax deduction, too.)


Wow! Congrats to you, the wife, Rey and the siblings. What a great story, two unexpected water emergencies in 2005! But this later one has a much, much happier ending.




Congratulations! Thanks for letting us blog types in on your joy as well as your pains! I can't imagine how big Carnival will be for your family this year! You've got a Rey already!


Rey is a great name! And just in time for tax season, too. Congrats to you and the wife.

Ahd yeah, HAM Jr. could have been really bad.

Mr. Clio

Wow! Wonderful news! I've already got four, so I won't take Oystah's advice to "emulate Ashley."

My only advice to you (not that you need it) would be to keep the young man away from the FYYFF post until he's at least 6.


Carrie Guevara

Congrats on the new babe!!!!! Oh how I love that name. He'll surely be a hit with the ladies. Give my best to mom and keep your eye on the mail. ;)


Okay, I've added a link to your blog on mine, and I even wrote some nice things about you and Rey.

So remember me if you're ever stupid enough to buy a lottery ticket and lucky enough to win.




Have another son.

Name him Hinton Ashley Morris Jr. then the two of them can be called HAM and Rey :-).

Ha Ha


Great name Ashley! Pardon the belated recognition, but my heartfelt congratulations to you and your wife. Hail Rey D'Orleans!

Does this mean we can replace the mayor now?

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