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Cade Roux



Love the Zs. I remember going to games at Tad and the shrine on airline. But since it ain't MLB, the owner's dicketry isn't painfully obvious.

One time I was at a Zephyr's game, and the pitcher for the opposing team had a no hitter going. So in the bottom half of the 5th, when he walked out to the mound, I made eye contact and said "Hey, great no-hitter you got going there. Keep it up."

The next guy (for the Z's) homered. He beaned the next one and got the hook.

Mr. Clio

Just got off the phone to book my three tix for the Hornets' NOLA games (I'm a Saints guy, but this is a gift to my 11-year-old). Anyway, the guy said everybody's who calling in is buying like 10 tix at a time. Also, they're not selling single-game tix, only the 3-game package (I wanted to buy extra for the Lakers game, but I couldn't).

You're right about the ownership horizon here.

Steve R

What's the price break given to OKC games? I just looked on Ticketmaster.

Upper Level
New Orleans: $7.00
OKC: $ 10.00

Court Seating
New Orleans: $240.00
OKC: $275.00

Upper level games were 7 bucks last year in Nawlins too.

Mr. Clio

Maybe I'm dead wrong, but when I watch the OKC Hornets with big crowds, I get the feeling half the people there have "brother-in-law tickets." You know, your brother-in-law who works for X Corp. and gets the tix for free and gives them to you. That's just my impression.

If there are a lot of corporate buys going on up there, then one can be sure there are significant unadvertised tickets discounts going on. I'll bet San Antonio did the same thing with the Saints.

It's easy to do that for a season or two. Over the long haul, it's not so easy.

Hey, if OKC has that kind of corporate money flying around, good for them. I'm just not going to be impressed about fan spirit or loyalty, that's all.


Yeah, they're fucking fucks. Thanks for helping me tear that guy a new asshole on my blog - that kind of ignorant shit really rubs me the wrong way.


For 5 long years, I lived in LA. Went to see about 40 LA Kings hockey games (about 5 pre-Gretzky). I paid for 1 of them. Why? The tickets an individual could buy were nosebleed city. All the good seats were corporate owned.

You know, I think that's what I see as Benson's perfect vision for a football team: playing in Las Vegas, at a stadium with no actual seating capacity at all. It's all corporate boxes, with climate controlled suites, and a conveyer belt of pre-cracked crab legs.


First of all, tickets in OKC are not discounted over New Orleans. If you compare ticketmaster prices, OKC's prices range from $1200 to $10. NO's ticket prices range from $400 to $7. The mid range tickets appear pretty similar. There are corporate season tickets in OKC, but probably less than most cities. Many, many of the season ticket holders are individuals. Also, Lakers tickets still aren't sold out in NO, and they sold out in 30 minutes in OKC. What does that have to do with the price of tea in china? I don't know, but I hate to see inaccuracies, even on blogs.


Pay attention, Rachel.

Fact: The Hornets are holding back tickets for the NOLA games.

Fact: When I called 1-800-4NBA-TIX (the only number to buy NOLA Hornets tickets, as they have disconnected all local numbers), I was told that it was a sellout. 3 separate times.


jimmy, winning teams ualsluy get more pro-bowlers than they deserve. Teams that get a lot of ink get higher numbers. Its pretty meaningless. #4 made the pro-bowl with the Jets based on early voting, how is that relevant. The Saints had a lot of holes but got by on aggressive play calling and a reliable QB, not great talent.Report this commentReplyjimmyus333333 says:July 26, 2010 at 11:55 pmMark,Im not so much interested in if they make the pro-bowl, but have players that play like they belong there.Id say that Favre, Rison, Reggie, Desi & LeRoy all played like that late in the yearwith Jackson, Hentrich, Timmerman, Levens, Eugene as the me-toos.That was quite the team Ron built. Its going to take some convincing for me with a few games past the pre-season to see if our current lot can measure up to what talent is required to make it to the SB.I cant make that kind of call with the way the roster looks today. Rocky can. Al can. A few of the press can.I think our team is way too young and inexperienced to make the leap we need.Report this commentReplyMark says:July 27, 2010 at 2:59 amWith Hentrich and Desmond Howard, point taken. We need to catch a little lightning by trade or waiver wire or were the Chargers, because of our return game.Report this commentReplyjimmyus333333 says:July 27, 2010 at 12:36 pmhumof all teams to mention, the Chargers..InterestingFrom WikiSmith was named Executive of the Year in 2004 by CBS after the Chargers reversed the previous years record of 4-12 and went 12-4 on the way to an AFC West title. In 2005, the Chargers went 9-7 yet failed to make the playoffs and were criticized for their inability to win close games early in the season

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