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Using a real life problem as a basis for your class work is a great idea. Incorporating Katrina is even better. I hope you don't mind if I steal it when we need senior projects topics this year.


Steal away! Fred Petry, IEEE fellow, the inventor of fuzzy databases, and now a guy looking for work (thanks Cowen!) is using the stuff for the spatial db class when he teaches it next quarter, assuming Tulane isn't just a remote campus for Case Western by next quarter.


Rock on, professor! What a great idea. If Mike Brown had been in your class a few years ago, perhaps he wouldn't have turned off his blackberry and enjoyed a fine dinner while people in New Orleans were drowning.


Spatial databases ey? I ought to enroll.


I sure hope I can get to town to see good old Dr. Petry before he probably leaves for places unknown. I cannot believe its been over 20 years since I sat in his class and first heard the term "fuzzy logic" - being the very bright Tulane Engineering student I was, the first thing that popped into my head was "wonder if it is better than a fuzzy naval?"


Petry ain't goin' least, he ain't movin' from uptown. We're talkin' bout a 9th ward boy made good, and he ain't gonna disappear.

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