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Murray went by means of a giant hole opened in element by new commencing left shield Montrae Holland, who was laid-off right up until signing Tuesday,wholesale jerseys reduce by means of an attempted ankle tackle, then outran a defensive back. it experienced been a heck of the method to rating the major touchdown of his career, also it additional than doubled his job rushing complete of 71 coming to the game.

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Murray went by means of a giant hole opened in element by new commencing left shield Montrae Holland, who was laid-off right up until signing Tuesday,wholesale jerseys reduce by means of an attempted ankle tackle, then outran a defensive back. it experienced been a heck of the method to rating the major touchdown of his career, also it additional than doubled his job rushing complete of 71 coming to the game.


i thought the clsniog typed text was part of the video (if you can type, you too can be an AD...) but it really was for web site. and ADs really don't much typing, anyways.I-)


Of course I LOVE Piggy Bank Parties and now I like Sweet Art Factory too! Love how you drseesd up the cookies never would have guessed the wreaths were Little Debbies!!


Welcome to Manhattan, the land of the untrained and uncuoth educated manboy. They flock here from yonder and land us in their shit piles if we don't watch out. For some reason, coming to NYC to live, pumps up their libidoed egos to a level that makes them forget the manners their mommies taught them, or didn't they get taught? I wonder.But seriously, welcome to New York. I am a native. I live in LIC. It is quieter over here. No man's land. I like it like that. Been here for too long not to.Your writing is captivating, I have been getting your posts in my inbox for 4 months now like a secret treat, found you while I was in Germany, I live there sometimes, just got back. You rock bitch! Sincerely.I know a thing or two about this precious city, so hit me up if the mood strikes. I have been causing tidal waves here for a very long time. Of a different kind, but they move mountains.


He's a brilliant actor ineded, but I'm better. I swear I'm in that big a rage every single day and I never even vent out loud to the idiot causing it. Of course, my head will explode someday. Thanks for reading and commenting. Oh! And your screen name makes me very nervous! Har!


I have a Wii but those fitness games never inseterted me. I find that lugging a 2 stone toddler around helps shed the pounds and even the small amount of walking I do helps too.Which reminds me, dog needs walking!PS. those trackbacks are from spammers unfortunately.


That's not necessarily true Mr. Jimmy. My man is heidnag for 50 and he is ripe like a college freshman. Ready for action. But calm like the sea. So it is really about the man. Don't you think? I know from experience that when the stars align, all is sublime and no complaining takes place.


Usually once I get bored with people, we just don't talk much amonyre or hang out much amonyre. Most of my friends are fine with that. Except for this one damn friend that I can't seem to shake. I don't want rid of them for good, I just want a break. But I can't get one because this person counts on me more than anyone else to haul their ass around. [See post titled: Punctuality]

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I saw a nice photo and a phrase that reminded me of a serious bit of audio blogging you put together.


Emma13 February 2011This is great? Glad I share this with others. I have a hihger sex drive than whatever normal is for most women. It seems a lot of women don’t feel the same intense need. Along side a hihger sex drive, I have time during my cycle that I get crazy horny and it is hard to think of anything other than sex. It can be distracting. I think there are those women out there that have a hihger sex drive and the rest fall in different places on the scale. Finding the right match is key I guess with a focus on compromise, understanding, acceptance, and honoring each other. It seems like stress is a big issue in terms of men and women and sex. For me I want more sex when I am stressed. It helps alleviate it and I feel more satisfied and balanced. Men, and women, depending on the person withdraw, want sex or open to it when they feel stressed. I have never had a negative response to my sex drive and abilities. I have been complimented on it. I am still working on an orgasm, I have had something like close to one, and I can have a g-spot “orgasm” where fluid is released, but not mind blowing total abandonment yet. I love sex, and I don’t expect them to satisfy all my needs. It is just something to explore together. We can strive for that but not focus on trying to win some contest, it should be about just enjoying each other and giving and getting pleasure. I can’t just have sex with anyone so this is frustrating because for me masturbation is good to a point, but I don’t find it really emotionally fulfilling. I need to be emotionally connected to a person and have lot of trust. Sometime I think it would be good to be a guy and be able to separate the emotional side more from the physical need. But I think the best is both. I hope not to encounter the kind of attitude you have experienced with some guys. You sexuality should not endanger their sense of self as a man or a sexual being. They have some issues that need to be worked out, talked out. They might not realized what they are doing is so damaging. But if don't change that up, they are not worth it and you deserve better. I would think as a guy, oh goody I can go in and watch if the sounds of you moaning were turning me on. If they not in the mood, who cares, they can surprise you later in the morning with something fun under the converse. I know I wouldn't object to that. I think your attitude is great about not expecting them not be there when you need it. So you are doing nothing wrong. Hope you get it sorted out. We as a culture have a lot of work to do as well.


At least you'll have a phone ( not to be mean )My dad got my a fone that looks like its from the 80 s. All my friends make fun of it but it still ublsae though the screen is so small ==It doesn't matter wat fone you get if you can still call or text. Just use that fone until you can buy your own.You don't kno wat type of fone it is yet but if it really is that bad just tell your dad you don't like it and would like to exchange it for something better. You should totally just get a job and buy you own fone or ask ur friends to buy you one for your birthday or something .


oh, please. We've all been there - both the ovsruee of F-words and the inappropriate bluting at blogger do's :-)I'm sure it made you all the more charming - except to the uppity ones of course, but who wants to be friends with those? (Not that there were any, I don't know. oh, right there, see? the blurting.)


Pretty cool list nice to see some of these bands/songs on here, like Propagandhi, Gorilla Biscuits and Kill Your Idols. But how could you not have Earth Crisis on here at all? That'd be like having a list of the top ten Boy Bands and leanivg off the New Kids On The Block (or Earth Crisis)! I move to include ExC's Morality Dictates off Gomorrah's Season Ends. I'll have to check out the songs here I'm not familiar with.VA:F [1.9.8_1114]Like (0 votes)


In a joint statement PETC & NAANCHH (People for the Ethical Treatment of Cans and the National Association for the Advancement of Non-Conformist Hippie Haiku) had this to say:Fuck you, okay manStab a can with an Exacto knife Fuck you exctao-ly manIn a related story, later the same day two dozen exctao knives were pulled from the corpse of NANCHH spokesman Potsy "Cheech" Webber found in his studio apartment in Greenwich Village. The body was discovered when Webber's hippie roomates called police terrified of the huge porcupine crawling around and moaning on their kitchen floor.(Damb that was a long way to go for a pitiful joke wasn't it?)


I enjoyed waichtng this one on Sean Cody .they communicated like they were really interested in one another and this was supposedly Boyd's first trip with a dick in his butt although, I don't know about that. They were hot together and Boyd's dickhead is big!!!!! Yummy if he gets a tan, good for him because he liked Spence's tan


Camikaos 500 years? Kill me now.Ed News anchorman, a teitnmpg career change I must admit.Penelope I think the fact they refuse to allow me a vote just because I am English is deplorable.Whit Somebody bloody better be or I'll write a strong letter of complaint to my MP.Xbox I think that's actually how it works in Canada.Avitable I think that sadly you are probably right there.Rattling the Kettle The downside is that everyone else knows the dates long in advance. We don't get to hear about Greenland's elections in such detail.Jo I must admit I was being a little sarky. Sorry.Brandon Or alternatively we could just accept you back into the British Empire.ImPerceptible BAD AMERICAN, GO TO YOUR ROOM.Joe That sounds like a fantastic way to realize one of my ultimate dreams Mr T for president!Gail I did get your money, thank you very much. and I've not been out training due to sick children, but I'm planning on a ten mile walk tomorrow.SingleParentDad No, I think that's the Bush family.Dan's last blog post..


Like everything American, its all about the money that bisnuess (tv) can make by stretching it out and forcing us into watching and waiting.If there is a single American out there who hasnt figured out who they want to vote for yet they should loose that right.above average joe's last blog post..


zzzzzzzzzzz sorry, I've forgotten what the post was about. Wake me up when it's all over. Dan you been out tnrnaiig lately hope so you got some of my money to walk for, I want nothing less than blisters.Gail's last blog post..


We will have to go back to glass so everyone of you can once again inurje yourself when you break them.....Then again you could just drink that fine NYC tap water with all those drugs the Man keeps us on and right out of the tap, huh?Who's the Big phonies?


This has some fantastic lagnuage in it. The whole cannibalism thing is usually kind of tired and I can't say I was surprised by the ending, but I got the impression that surprise wasn't the point, so I was okay with that. The lagnuage itself and the construction of the setting were far more important, and I think those were executed very well. Comment by S.J.H. on January 9, 2012 at 7:48 pm


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I'm pretty sure he can. Legally the stduent is considered an adult, so they didn't break the law. He was only fired from his job at your school for breaking policy by sleeping with a stduent. Anyway, aside from the teacher losing his job, and most likely both of them damaging their reputations to some degree, everything else should be fine. He might have some trouble finding another job as a teacher because of what they did, and how people are going to take that into account when they consider hiring him, but he should still be able to find another job. I hope they can both look back on what they did and feel it was worth it though.


you dont sound stupid its like cyber sex excpet a step further cus u can hear the person talk and moan someone is telling step for step what they would do while both or one masturbates and moans in respond to the fantasy. Uh the two will talk dirty like they would if they were actually having sex things like do you like how does it feel .to sum it up its like virtual sex.


It really dpdnees on the state. Since you are asking this question, I would encourage you to not have sex and don't reproduce. Wait until you are smarter. Anyways, usually there is a part of the law that is the exception about the 18 rule. It would help if i knew which state you live in but let me start with the basics.18 is usually the legal age of consent. This means when you are 18 you are an adult and can have sex with anyone older than you.Some states have lower ages. But in general 18 is the age to know.So when a person turns 18, usually the can also have sex with anyone older and those that are 3 or 4 years younger.So when you turn 18, it doesn't make it instantly illegal to have sex with a an 18 year old can have sex with a 14 or 15 year old depending on the law of your state. But either way it sounds okay for you.please don't have kids.

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