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surrounding me.
I was on a busy street, but no one stopped to help except you! You guys, this guy stopped his car in the middle of the street, got out and yelled at them & pushed a couple of them away from me. This fine, fine gentlemen then offered to give me a ride away from the group, which I gratefully accepted.

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Dear Redditor, you gave me a tissue in the car because I started to blubber, were super nice to me and dropped me off about a mile away - safely away from the group.

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I saw the Reddit Alien sticker on your back window.
I hope you see this. I want you to know that I deeply appreciate your kindness & bravery. It renews my faith in humanity that you stopped to help a complete stranger. You Sir, are a hero.

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I seriously owe ya a beer or two sometime. Say when & where.
EDIT: I have heard from the redditor & I believe it's him. He had this to say "

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civic, Oakland Avenue about 3pm. you are welcome and I'm glad you are o.k. i was just at the right spot and time anyone would do the same. I don't drink but i appreciate the offer. take care and be safe out there."

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and for anyone who thinks this is a "Karma Grab" - argh! It's a self post. NO karma for me. None! Nada! Zero! Zilch. I don't care one tiny iota about karma. I just wanted a good guy to get the thanks & free beer he deserves. Thanks for helping me find him, Reddit. I shared my

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