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Let me be the bad guy and say this : what is it with you kids? of course you can have sex go ahead and have all the sex that you want keep on drnieamg about love and how you'll be together forever and when he'll be off to college come back here and ask us questions on what to do with your life because he just dumped you for some chick he met there.CHANGE YOUR PRIORITIES OR YOU'LL BE IN FOR A BIG SURPRISE.


As a punishment for my mkasties in serving my mistress properly SHE ordered me to sleep fully naked and without blanket in winter under my Mitress bed. After an hour or so i could not bear the cold and told Mistress to provide me with a blanket.SHE replied that now i would feel very hot. Before i could understand SHE pulled me inside HER blanket and started fucking me riding on my ass. HER strokes were so fast and furious that my ears started ringing .i wondered at HER stamina that she raped /fucked me nonstop for hours and i was sweting like any thing in winter.SHE had done what SHE TOLD.SHE IS GREAT buntymohan


Hi Monica, thanks for your coemnmt. I understand it can be really hard when there isn't any give in the situation. I spend about 8 months in that state and it wasn't easy and I don't think there is any easy answer. Definitely don't do anything that you are worried about. I sought the support of my naturopath and acupuncturist for a long time and a lot of what I learned was from them. Personally I think it is really hard to do anything when my sleep is all over the shop, or I'm not getting enough. Have you checked out my sleep blog post? Are you in a position to seek help from naturopath and/or accupuncturist?The self-help challenges will enable each person to set their own challenge so that it works with what is suitable for each person. A challenge my simply be to work on getting 9 hours sleep a night.Keep in touch .


den kserw an einai h swsth epilogh h oxi,alla tsoalxiotyn nomizw oti tha glitwseis ton anaskolopismo apo fanatiko opado.@misirlou.oubliez Το πιο μικρό βιολί του κόσμου παίζει την πιο μελαγχολική μελωδία του σύμπαντος hahahaha akoma gelaw respect


Sep30 As I stated cllaery on the About page, I am not Andy Rubin, and have never been affiliated with either of those bookstores.Thanks for reading, you dumb fuck.


He also did this with Canon Usa, he thought canon scerewd him on a printer and a camera so he started tp bitch about canon. Canon sued him and won.


I was down for WOWODC on the weekend, and bugegd out Monday. I thought I was completely comfortable there, until I walked to Walgreens around 11pm Sunday night, and found myself leaving everything but the $15 I figured I needed for the store in the hotel, and then having walked there, cabbed it the 3 blocks back to the hotel.I think every strange city is a bit unnerving, but I have to admit - having a bike stolen in traffic over dinner is pretty shitty.

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