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This never would have happened if Ruth Fertel were still alive.

Mr. Clio

Glad you're here! l've posted on the Ruth's Chris topic. See pic.


Yeah you rite, Crescent City Steakhouse always was better than Ruth's. Now that it flooded, Crescent City might even redecorate the place for the first time since Truman was in office!

And I'm with you for dumping Starbucks on Magazine. When I got back to town, it still had plywood all over it and some wag had spray painted on it something like "We're closed--we don't care." Cafe Luna opened up pretty quickly after the storm even though a car almost ran into it.

Steve T.

Though the coffee beans they sell are pretty good, Starbucks's reputation for coming in like the mafia and muscleing aside the locals has earned them a lot of bitterness and resentment across the country.

It has delighted me to see that this strategy just will not work in New Orleans. Local tastes, and local loyalty to the companies that service those tastes, far outweigh Seatlle trendiness.

BTW, I'm a California native who first visited NOLA in 1980, when the process of getting utterly hooked by the place began. In the end, I couldn't resist, and moved here full time in 1994. So we have that in common. Just can't stay away.

OK, the fact that my house in The Valley was thoroughly whacked by the Northridge earthquake did have SOMEthing to do with it.


Guess I'm a little late at seeing this post, but thanks for supporting us at Cafe Luna. We appreciate your business!

Sara and Ernesto
Cafe Luna owners

glendale medical marijuana

The possibility are bigger than before. I have faith on this one.


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I heard you come read to us students at Occidental College in 2005, and I still reemmber how awesome it was. Thanks!Now I am a student teacher, slinging English at eighth-graders. Some of them already love poetry. I am going to pull your books off my shelf to help them love more.


new moon hasnt even started fimilng yetso its either a fan made one which it probably isor youve watched the twilight one and got comfuxed(although that trailer sosnt have any wolfes init)xx


I think you would like Austin more than N.O.Besides being below sea level and waiting for the next flood is not my idea of serctiuy.Personally I like to visit N.O. but the crime is too much for me to stay there.

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