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Shannon your one classy chick!


wow. thats all i hafta say. wow.


fuck you! nobody in houston wanted you new orleans ppl to come trash our home, nobody asked yall to come. so stfu


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I think someone is on "hateworld mode" lol..

Chris Wilson

HBO should thank you. I just signed up for service because of reading this so I could watch Treme.

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Thank you for this post. I found it being by typing (guess what) "fuck san antonio". Everything thing you said is so true for many of us Katrina survivors, we are independent and don't need the shitting on that we have taken from so many people since it all started. Anyhow, thanks again. So enigmatic to those outside our circle, but so conspicuous to us who are here, and should be to those that aren't.

A. Keystone

When you insisted on living below sea level in New Orleans, and then complained that the rest of us had not done enough to protect you from hurricanes which come multiple times in any year, then I'd say that you invited commentary from the rest of the country. By the way, re-electing that racist moron mayor who let your defenses rot, you pretty much crumpled up any remaining credibility that you had left.



we didn't want your goddamn residents and your fucking crime. take them back. oh and fuck you too.


I'm reading this again for the umpteenth time, and I love it even more than when I read it the first time. Ashley, even though you belong to eternity now, I still thank you for writing this. Hana & family: we share your loss, even though in a small way. Thank you for keeping Ashley’s blog alive.

The Chris Wilson Band


i like this part of the blog:"Fuck you army corps of engineers. You are so full of yourself, and you don’t have clue fucking one. Building levees on jello. You should be tried and convicted of treason, or mass murder. Fuck you all, let’s give our money to the Dutch – they seem to have this shit figured out." is very good

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Yea You Right!

But just wait for the screwing we're gonna get from the new administration.

Daniel Z

And they just said it in Treme! :)


Great rant. We here in OK took care of your Hornets and wish them and your residents well. We've been there, done that- 11 yrs ago today and 15 yrs ago last month.

As for Texas, it's different they really do think that God watches down on the Cowbells. And give 'em a break- don't forget what happened to H-town's crime rate after Katrina- it went up a whole lot bc of some of the transplants. Hell, you don't want them back anyway. They sucked in NOLA and will suck anywhere they go.

Anyhow, I hope you guys don't continue to get assraped by the damn do-gooder celebutards who buy houses to look all concerned in the tabloids. And I sincerely hope you get some better politicos bc the ones you have now are greed bag assholes.

Investorfrom Texas

I can't take any Katrina rant seriously that spends more time blasting outsiders than the two people directly responsible for the organization, awareness, evacuation, and rescue of residents. Ummm, you left out Ray Nagin. And you gave blocking-a-federal-response-Blanco one sentence that seemed more of a throwaway line than a criticism? How come no one wants to hold these two accountable? Nagin was grossly negligent and you reelected him? Seriously?

City Champ

Shut the fuck up you fucking douche. Ashley nailed it and verbalized what all of us wanted to say but were too choked up with flood waters to utter. Stay your cow fucking boy ass in Texas and invest all day. We do not approve of chain restaurants and big box stores in our city. This ain't Houston...

you eat with that mouth too?


After reading some of these posts it just reminds me that Texans really don't have a clue, do they. I just have to keep reminding myself that Drew Brees is a Texan, so they are not all clueless. Miss you Ashley. Thank you for your passion.

Justin Alan Ryan

Thanks, doctorj, and others, for primarily applying the attitude of Houstonians to a state that is larger than most world nations, and for saying the sort of things about Texans that you don't like hearing about yourself.

Also, thanks to all the Houstonians for, yanno, being everything bad that people think about Texans.

It's worth considering that at the time of this original writing by Ashley, most americans believed W to be a Texan, and those of us who didn't choose where we were born have just had to answer for him.

I'm enjoying the perspective that Treme is bringing to the plight of New Orleans, but it is fair enough to say that FEMA is not responsible for fixing corrupt governments. Forgive us in the rest of the country if we don't want to pay a 98,000% premium on recovery for your residents who largely just shrug off politics - the same thing a lot of people leave Texas to get away from.

You can admire Ashley's veracity here without just deciding that everyone he was upset with are bad people. Sometimes you've gotta yell at the wrong people before you realize who to yell at.

There is an extent to which we may have to accept that mother nature does not respect congressional decrees. Perhaps it's time to develop a revised plan for evolving a community that's nailed to a recurring natural disaster and by nature has a shit ton of low income housing.

And San Francisco, well, a great deal of Americans have taken to saying that they'd prefer the entire State of California fell into the ocean. Sure, because something like one in ten federal dollars you wanted may come from Californians. The federal govt spent around 3% on the SF '89 quake compared with what it has paid out on Katrina.

So, yeah, let's keep Mardi Gras alive, let's embrace culture, but howabout not embracing a culture of low income housing that is destined for death and destruction which MUST be placed on the shoulders of someone other than whoever decided to live there.

There's nothing wrong with righteous outrage, just don't turn it into bigotry. I see this rant along the lines of the rant about New York in Spike Lee's 25th hour. People don't have to be in the wrong for you to be sick of them. Perspective is perspective.


See Ashley, you are virtually eternal. You are still fueling the fucking discourse. Amen, brother. That's one of the things you did best.


** sigh **

We never got the chance to meet in person, but damn I miss you, dude...

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