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Not rebuild New York? You want the fucking terrorist to think they won!? If we rebuild it'll be a big fuck you to them. Also, don't give me that crap that you didn't get shit. New York sent so much fucking aid to you. We sent our firemen! Not a stupid firetruck that can do nothing on its own. We gave you manual labor, our time, our volunteers! Still, your mayor has the balls to call ground zero a "hole in the ground." And you have the nerve to call it a "neighborhood!" What the fuck!? We lost so many fucking lives that day just like you did when Katrina struck. The only difference was you were warned. We had no such luck. Innocent people who were just trying to make a living died without warning. Many chose to jump 70+ stories rather than suffer burning to death. We had to deal with bodyparts while you went to rescue dogs. Fuck you Ashley Morris.



Please note that I didn't say we shouldn't rebuild New York. I said that it makes about as much sense to not rebuild NYC as it does to not rebuild NOLA.

So it's not a neighborhood, my bad. It's the size of a neighborhood, about 10 square blocks. Bush gave Con Ed all the breaks they needed, yet he wouldn't give Entergy a penny.

Here is my link for one of the ways that New Yorkers treated New Orleanian refugees:

I feel as bad about 9/11 as anyone else. I lost 1 friend ( ), and 2 were lucky and got out. God bless New York, but God bless New Orleans as well.


Ah, yes, the brilliant and original "You want the fucking terrorist to think they won!? " rebuttal.

Nice blog, Ashley. And sorry about the gender confusion.


Great blog, although I'll second that NY got totally screwed by the feds too - they never gave us that 20 billion they promised. And I wholeheartedly agree that it's a fucking crime how New Orleans has been abandoned.

Anyway, love the title -- 6 months before I ever saw your blog (but 6 months after your post), I wrote this on mine:


Most of TX should get fucked.

And I am from Las Vegas- we are beyond reproach. :D


i'm kinda afraid to say where i'm from,but it ain't anywhere you mentioned thank God.anyway.YOU FUCKING ROCK


Filthy mouth ........ so nast !

Celeste White

I only wish I'd read it back when it was posted. Right fucking ON.


Man, I LOVE THIS BLOG. How is it that I find the truly great people when I won't be able to talk with them IN PERSON??
I"m so sorry for the loss of this wonderful man. The only person I've ever 'met' who says FUCK better than ME ....


noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo so so nonoooooooooooooooooo

Elspeth Ravenwind

I know I am WAYYYYYY late to the party here...but although you are on the other side now, Ashley - as so many others said before - AMEN!!!
Granted, I do not live in New Orleans (yet), and I am a native Houstonian...(DON'T draw conclusions based on that...PLEASE!?!) I have been in love with New Orleans since back in '88 when I finally was able to visit New Orleans for my 21st. The first morning looking out from our third floor balcony (yes I know the diff btwn balcony and gallery) and looking at the was bewitching. I still have a faded photo from that trip of the view. It was then that New Orleans (not the alcohol) either entered into my bloodstream or awoke my Nola-ness in my genetic makeup... I wasn't able to get back for 13 years, but New Orleans was 'in' me... I did a (shitty) report on the architecture of New Orleans. It was 'shitty' because I wasn't able to get back to New Orleans to truly research...had to limp by on good, but not the same, books in the UH Arch School library. I have been to London and Madrid since then and as much affinity as I felt with those hallowed and ancient cities - it's New Orleans that holds my soul a willing captive.
I want to be there, I have some things to accomplish here in Hell-ston, TX and maybe next year or so, a prodigal daughter can finally come home. I will be visiting soon (ironing out schedule as I type). I hope to catch a BERG match/meet (sorry, have been to a couple of HRD bouts, but the verbiage escapes me at the moment) - I soooo want to get a Maringy Antoinette's shirt! :)
Hana and all - please know that this misplaced New Orleanian's heart is going out to all of you.
Sinn Fein,
Wendy aka Elspeth


You are an illiterate idiot!!! Please do not breed.


How about one more fucking fuck jest fer fucks sake..? WTF?

Fatar Fakar

too many fucks but surprisingly still kind of somewhat adorable x_x])


Just to add to your comments, fuck all of you Focus on the Family Fucks who think God only listens to you and your fucked up closed mind way of looking at things while your pastor gets fucked up the ass and still bashes gays. You people would not know a christian attitude if it hit you in the fucking face. Walk in my shoes one day through 6 feet water, trying to get to a shelter. Try to wade through the government bullshit when they tell you you don't need a trailer because you did not live in the house where you and your family have spent the last 30 years. Well said Ashley, fuck all those assholes who don't have a clue.


i know im like 2 years late to this fucking party but have the Saints gone to san antonio yet? lol

you fucking mother

Fuck you.


this makes no sense


What the hell is your problem? We take in your refugees, give them sustenance, places to stay, and all that most of them do is complain, and cause our crime rates to increase. "It took to long for FEMA to respond!!" is their war cry. What about all of those in your own local elected government that dropped the ball. And then ya'll reelected them!!!! How stupid is that? And as for the levees, you chose to live in a bowl. How is that our problem? Take some personal responsibility. I screwed up and lost my house. I didn't cry to the government. I started driving a truck over the road, and didn't need a house, and got paid for it. Get over it. Take responsibility. Stand up on your own. Live.


Thank you so much for this post, it made my day. I'm tempted to print out a copy of it and just hand it to people the moment they open their mouths about "What should be done with New Orleans". I've always considered NO a second home and it pains me to see it fucked over (dare I say, again?). Thank you for expressing that frustration and anger beautifully. Oh and I'm originally from ATL, but no hard feelings there; there are some decent parts (or were once upon a time) but most of it is pretty much tract home hell. (^_^)

Elspeth Ravenwind

Ah, the likes of Terry still think they have a leg to stand on...maybe if they only had a door to float on or an attic to stifle in in their own little world because their little world's government withheld aid because of a power play over a state run by the 'other' party...and it would help a city of so many 'brown' and 'poor' non-republican voters...Terry's world MIGHT finally get 'it'. To those of Terry's 'ilk':
Fuck you you fucking fuck!!!


Whenever I'd spot someone like Terry around the Internets, I'd send it along to Ash, with this message: "So many mooks, so little time".

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All this hate won't get you anywhere. Your government is just playing with lives and stepping on bodies to acomplish what they want. I feel sorry for Americans, no matter where they live. I look at how much hate there is in this text and the comments. Hate is what destoys. God Bless you!

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