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You know, I wrote the bike off as fucking gone when I found it missnig. I took a fat chance relying on a cable lock to last an hour in your beautiful city and I lost the bet. I tend to believe it was a fluke incident, and nothing to spoil my entire outlook over.What has always kept me from getting warm to this city is a prevalent and notoriously rhetoric-deficient belligerence among it's citizens. More than in any other city do I get jostled for enjoying a cigarette on the sidewalk. Thank you for your replies, but they not only fail to change my opinion, but also reinforces it: I still associate San Francisco with a people big on heart and low on brains.


06.16.10 at 1:43 amkroY weNwhite people were there too inducling myself im white, i remember some stoned dumb white dudes climbed on a roof with other dudes and was holding the show people started throwing bottles at him, to be honest it was crazy i expected to come and have great time with couple of my friends but it end it up being a disaster, and a lot of people in there were immatures they just came to wild out. i stood up for 3 hours in squeezed crowd i remember some 2 girls started fighting from no where, then mad dudes were smoking bud, bottles throwing, worst part they were throwing open bottles with juice soda etc in there and people were getting wet and shit. i swear free stuff are never good. i rather pay 100 but know i will see drake perform and have a good time with a crowd what happen today was just SMFH. and worse part me and my boys went to a club at 11 and bouncer didn't like my id and didn't let me in fucken douchebag :-[


06.16.10 at 1:25 ampixidust07deifintely agree w/ # 15. I'm also Spanish -from Bk, and it's deifintely true that the majority of minorities lack moral values. Not only Moral Values, but common knowledge and civility. I was at the seaport today and the whole time, people where getting upset over being stepped on, pushed, touched and waiting too long. Common knowledge: if you're at a concert whether it'd be free or not, expect all of the above -and then some to come w/ the package. Can't deal w/ it? either go the fuck home, or don't show up at all. It's as simple as that. We all went for the same reason, to watch an artist perform, not to fight over bullshit, and it's exactly what happened, why? because minorities don't know how to act. Maybe if we'd act more civil rather than savage people wouldn't look at us or treat us like garbage, and maybe, just maybe there could be more free shows for us to enjoy the way Yuppies enjoy theirs, and yes I've experienced Both kind of shows and this def. doesn't happen at those concerts>> People need to grow up.


It isn't anyone's rlsnopsibieity to accept or condemn behaviour that they don't believe in, and it's something you need to learn to deal with. Not everyone likes you. Too fucking bad.I get cut up for dipping my hat, having my ear pierced and sagging my pants, I don't cry about it. I've even had the shit kicked out of me for being a wigger. Consider this are you tolerant of the drunken jock's hubris and lack of manners? Why should he tolerate your homosexuality if it makes him uncomfortable in the same way?I'm not saying that I support or even allow the type of activity you're discussing to go on, but you are out of your damned minds if you think you can change peoples' opinions about sexuality, and people don't EVER need to agree that homosexuality is okay.For the record, I am a libertarian and take no issue with homosexuality.


06.16.10 at 8:01 amNeighborh00dc#27 kill ysruoelf the day a white boy come take my shit is the day I don't have my hands. Why dont you see the video for ysruoelf who cause most of the chaos. Dumbass second i'm from the hood so I'm only speaking from my experience. Majority of blacks of Spanish don't have morals values and principles. And that's the truth . If you don't like it prove me wrong simple as that. People that were there will tell you. Yes few whites was acting like fools too I'm not saying they saints but footage speaks for it self. I beez all over bk and bx in the worst hoods bed stuy Brownsville , flat bush bush wick burnside 170 , vyse 233-241 up by edenweld with my gucci bag and my iPad and ain't no nigga try to press me and I be dolo son. Maybe white boys your way empty your pockets fam but not me. Lol haaa white boy press my ass. Funny comment of the day.


above that there was lack of security and i have to agree. the peolpe who work for pizza uno(where most of the riot happened, where peolpe threw the chairs at the end) didnt do anything. they should have stopped it at the water bottles. then they antagonized the crowd about drake not performing until peolpe get off the concession stands that led to peolpe throwing stuff at those peolpe. meanwhile in reality drake wasnt even there. according to his twitter, he didnt show up until 8. it wasnt well organized in my opinion, regardless of the crowd or not. even the mic wasnt working that well lol


06.16.10 at 2:55 pmStfu!Why the hell are you making this raaicl?!It has absolutely nothing to do with that!You guys just sound ignorant and as if your mind is stuck in the 20 s.How about you come back to this website when you grow the eff up and learn how to express your opinion in an educated way that isn't stupid and offensive.Until then you can stay the hell off the comment board and attempt to get a life.


06.15.10 at 10:46 pmNeighborh00dcFucking people are stpuid this is why you can never have a free show or anything free cause people don't know how to act. Lol what's even more stpuid they getting mad like they paid for the show. All the people that went I bet you some of them are piss they couldn't pre order the iPhone 4 and couldn't see drake. Suckers lol

ramiro amaro jr

fuck u sagely do u no that flood. over there was a sighing from God to get rid of u trash fuck the saint's. hold that champion real close. it will the only one you'll get they donated because they felt sorry for y'all. this a message from the city of champions San Antonio wen u come. make sure u piss in front of someone from the barrio bet u wont. do that bitch hope your feet get dried soon. and can u call all your black nieghbors to go back floods been over

ramiro amaro jr

fuck the worthless saints fuck you. eat shit and hopefully another flood well come your way and make sure it take u i bet ur a fat bitch right don't get no dick don't get paid remember San Antonio gave y'all the hand out. go back the fuck home fuxken parasites. oh full u Ashley morris

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