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I feel bad that you would wish the heartache of a hurricane on anyone. I am a native New Yorker living in a hurricane zone with New Orleans in my heart and have cried a river of tears for all of those in the Gulf region, particularly New Orleans. I have been the biggest "yankee" supporter of all that New Orleans was, is, and will be. I visit Nola at least three times a year, I bring groups of friends and family with me every trip to help support Nola's tourism and truly feel bad that anyone would wish this kind of destruction on anyone, even their enemy.

da wife

Read the post:
"No ill will to anybody, hurricane is a bitch wherever it lands."

All I am saying is that the northerners, those NOT affected by Katrina, had plenty of opinions on New Orleanians being stupid for living below sea level and living in hurricane-prone zone. To me at least, it seemed that everybody north of St.Louis thought that we should not rebuilt because another hurricane would come. They NEVER realized that the whole Atlantic coast is a hurricane prone zone. I thought Berta would make them realize that.

And THANKS to everybody helping NOLA no matter where you live. I know that everywhere are good people and assholes everywhere


Who is this Ashley Morris? I live in New Orleans and I still dont know what he did for New Orleans. What I have read is that he did not even work in New Orleans. From Florida?


What did he do for the city of New Orleans?




I know this is just a troll but it makes me so mad. Fine, he succeeded. No he did not work in New Orleans because Tulane closed the Department of Computer Science 2 months after we moved here. He chose to live here despite the fact that he worked in Chicago. What else do you want? He loved teaching. He would not be happy not living in NOLA or not teaching. He did not have a choice. Blaah. I should not even pay attention to this.


Killerbees, I don't Killerbees, I don't want to be a party pooper (believe me, I'm ALL for Obama, and have been since 04) but John Edwards straetd and ended his campaign in our great city of New Orleans so you aren't exactly right in that regard.

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