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Ding! Fries are done!

Sorry... I been busy.


One thing I left out of my post, though.



Soooo, have you got the harmonica outta the Absolut bottle yet?


liprap: I've gotta finish the bottle, first.

j: yeah, our uniforms with the gold pants are just classic beauty. The Cards looked like a CFL uni designed by a guy that went to design school at the University of Oregon.


What on Earth would make Absolut think that a mango-pepper vodka screamed "New Orleans"? I guess there's no Swedish word for "satsuma"... Just wait' til they want to do an "Absolut Hawai'i"! They'll have painted themselves into a corner by using up mango too soon!

What are these "playoffs" of which you speak? Some sort of football afterlife, reserved only for the worthy? Oh, right, that'd be the Saints...


I dunno. I like this stuff though.

The red label is good for sipping straight on ice.


has anybody noticed the crawfish being served for eating in the saints / visa commercial.

they're still alive.

they filmed that at my job. i wish they would have left them bugs with us cooks in the back when they left.

merry festivus.


I made it home with time to spare!!! Karate ended at 6:15. Usually it takes me 10 minutes just to make a left turn out of the dojo. Tonight there wasn't a car in sight-made it home in rocred time Kids are fed, kitchen clean, one load of wash in the dryer, another in the wash, baths done and I'm watching Dave Matthews butcher the Talking Heads. The big kid has permission to stay up till halftime, but I don't think he'll make it. We were crazy busy today-I'm still not done putting out all the Halloween stuff and we sold a bunch of the Saints shirts. I've still got a ton left, but we made a dent in the pile! When they win tonight hopefully people will get all fired up and buy up the rest of them.Harry Connick is narrating *swoon*What do y'all think of the videos?? Goose-bumps, amirite?!?!?!


Arthur and I are just in from Even though the temp is in the low 90 s, which is uaullsy OK, the humidity is high so I was literally dripping with sweat. I hate it because most of the sweat comes off my forehead and into my eyes! I am hoping to work on my own orchids later this evening. Maybe it will cool off a little Mr. Gnome is going to Austin to have dinner with an old friend who has just had his third wife walk out on him. Wife #2 and Wife #3 both left him for another woman! I am looking forward to hearing the story.


about a gray one with CHAMPIONS in script arocss the front, along with a fleur-de-lis?? What size? I have a medium, which works good for me. We have more in the bigger sizes, but I did manage to come arocss some M's yesterday and snagged one for myself.Send me your snail mail addy

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