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D-BB the Greek

Vikings get a bad nose bleed in Denver while the Saints win over the bears.

But, Green Bay messed us up last Sunday. Cowboys will lay down tomorrow while those freakin' ur, hmmm, Native Americans remember John Wayne and win one for Geronimo.

Thus we rehash Tampa Bay and say...wait until next year.


Rather than sinking to their level, if Saints fans just brought a few giant pictures of Mr. What Katrina Started with "I AM THE CHICAGO BEARS" on the bottom, that would get some nice TV coverage and stick the knife in a good deal deeper.

Few things cut as badly as being reminded of something you wish you handn't said.


Will, I have a picture of that guy on my office door. That pretty much says it all.

But I don't think this guy has any regrets. Really.


Some people are willfully ignorant fuckmooks and thunderturds.

Mr. Clio

Coach Gibbs did some nice work today defending the honor of our fair city, didn't he?

A good coach would've posted pictures of that idiot all over the locker room.


So, Bears fans taste like shit?


These people are not human.

to those moral midgets, and especially to the idiots from my home state that have acted similiarly, I offer a hearty, "Fuck You," with a side of "WWJD?"
Something that is always comforting to me, because I can be one spiteful-thinking bitch when I get going, is that whether you call it karma, or the golden rule, or the Threefold law, or whatever, these people will get theirs sometime and somewhere, and that justice will be more fitting than anything you or I could devise. This I believe.

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What happens when you pour gasoline in a fire?
Does it explode or get higher?

I'm trying to describe how I feel about something and want to make sure that if you pour gasoline in a fire it explodes, getting higher or something. If not gotta find another metaphor.

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I think both teams looked good cinmog into the preseason with who they had. I think the preseason games can't be minded at all since some players get cut before the deadline, for one thing. Also, I think both teams need better performances than last season since their competition has gotten better (I.E. Packers in NFC North & Falcons in NFC South).


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Hi Danno,I've lost count of the number of times I've made adounille using your recipe, and it's always excellent last batch was 13#! My wife and I were in NOLA for the BCS championship (sad), and managed to come home with both Cochon Butcher's and Jacob's. I'm happy to report that your recipe beats both, easily. I don't know of any higher praise I can bestow. Thanks!Tom

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