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All the selected debate sites are in academic settings. I had thought that might be the problem; as we've long known hwere at AM:TB, the city's premier academic institution is presently run by a fuckmook extraordinaire.

On the other hand: a) a post elsewhere in the NOLAsphere suggests the candidate institution was either Xavier or Dillard, and b) UNO has a much larger arena, anyway.

What would the tourism board have to do with this? Does Oxford, MS even have a tourism board? I can see it now: "Oxford. Faulkner and... and... you know he won a Nobel Prize, right?"


Steve Perry is not a good steward of our tourism business. Sandy Shilstone at New Orleans Tourism Marketing Commission is much sharper, and it's a shame Perry continually gets the limelight.


What the debate mooks fail to recognize is that Oxford, Mississippi is an irrelevant venue if they wish to host an honest debate about issues which aren't just New Orleans issues -- but issues which loom large with impending consequence in the future of every other geographic area of the United States. They're wrong to think of this as merely a matter of who in New Orleans can front the money. They should be thinking about whether it matters in another 25 or fifty years it will matter at all if *any* city can front the money if we don't get a true leader 1n 2008 to solve the critical problems the planet faces in the next few decades.

Mr. Clio

I heard from an Orleanian VERY CLOSE to the situation that the Commission's director was hellbent on having the debates in small college towns. She got her wish in half the cases. Point is, there was a bias against us.

If the feds keep doing what they're doing, we'll be a small college town and qualify for the debates in, say, 2020.

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