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Dr. Wu

Uh, that's...uh...fucked up. Sorry. Words fail me.


"Dear Penthouse Forum, I never thought I'd be writing to you..."


Oh. My. God.


OK, that? That's freaking me out.

Cousin Pat from Georgia

Though it seems a little strange, Mr. Jindal's story in that magazine is actually an often-repeated story among evangelicals and charismatics. The only thing about it that I see as strange is that it is coming from a very Catholic standpoint. I have rarely read or heard such pieces from a Catholic point of view, but they obviously exist.

The first time I heard a story like that, or heard that something like that had happened to someone I know, I was terribly freaked out. I would think it was parable or exaggeration. Nowadays, I know that this is something that people take very seriously.


At the risk of sounding like a nutcase, what Jindal relates is not so out-reality.

There are many layers to existence, there are other factors in motion in Life. I've experienced this "crossing over", but that does not mean I believe in possession, talking in tongues, etc.

Walk the Old City's streets in the dead of night... (like I have done in better times)listening to the sounds and feeling it's movements: the World is filled with more than most folks know.

"All nature is but art unknowne to thee,

All chance, direction thou canst not see,

All discord, harmony not understood."



Ashley, you're killin' me!

He didn't participate in an exorcism! He sat there and prayed Hail Marys! He didn't even respond like a Charismatic would.

Read pages 8 and 9. He did what a good Catholic would do ... he called on the saints for intercession.

This (particular) criticism is undeserved.


But Brian, the photoshop opportunities just write themselves!


You're right about that.

Good Lord, and I was hoping to get some work done today.



Brian -- check out this comment Bobby made last month on KVOL in Lafayette -- he is flip-flopping again!

"So, Todd C. Elliot having a great lunch program – “Bobby” Jindal calls in. Todd had to ask him about this situation and he admittedly did it respectfully asking basically (And I am paraphrasing as I couldn’t write that fast) “You know congressman, a lot of people have questions about this article you wrote in 1994. You know some people will think that exorcisms are crazy. Of course I am sure some non-Catholics think that praying to a saint or to the Holy Mother Mary is crazy.”

To which – “Bobby” Jindal said – “Good Christians pray to God, not to saints.” He went on to talk about the scripture and other things and frankly everyone that I spoke to who was listening says that they were just completely shocked! My catholic friends were more than offended they felt betrayed."


Where does the "shocked" part come in?

Cade Roux

The link to the PDF is not any good any more - anyone have a copy they can email me?


Cade: note the new version

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