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scout prime

Allstate announced today that it will not write any new homeowners policies in New Jersey...too much coast at a time of too many hurricanes.

This is all going to get very interesting


Wow...I made maherajah status...I'm honored. Not bad for a "crawly amphibian," (my blog, that is) according to Truth Laid Bear.



Michael, I was thinking of the water skis, if that helps bring you down to earth. Actually, I felt like such a neophyte after my "MASTER" post. Most people couldn't tell it came from "Kung Fu Hustle".

Karen, I love the link, but I can't mention his name any more. I swore an oath. Not until he dies.

Scout, I have at least 1 Allstate employee as a student in every class I teach. It *will* get interesting.

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