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scout prime

Ashley I can't believe some of the comments (too many) I've read today.

Please know many of us don't think this way. It is embarrassing and angers me.


I just wanted to second Scout's comment. Stoller and Bowers and the posters they are encouraging are knuckleheads in the first degree.

However, this is basically the way they always react when locals don't follow their inside-the-beltway priorities. One hopes that some day they will grow up.


All politics are why the fuck do these guys think they know what's best for New Orleans?

fuck KOS and MyDD and any other out-of-state motherfucker who thinks they understand the politics of our city. They blindly supported Karen, not knowing her past history and not understanding that she would have built a whole new dynasty of corruption.

At least now we have the very real hope that Dollar Bill will be indicted.


I never thought it the race was between a white knight and an evil wizard - I thought it was between proven corrupt and possibly corrupt. I just DO NOT WANT someone who's ALREADY HAD THEIR COMMITTEE SEAT STRIPPED OF THEM. Seriously. He can do us no good from his seat of complete and utter powerlessness in D.C. I posted a short and sweet statement of my own interests on my blog.


Opinions - like Kos and DD - are like assholes. We all have them.


Ugh. Self flagellation was right. I truly am sick of people outside of here thinking they know what's going on here. I. . . . . . .. . .. . .oh hell, I'm just disgusted and discouraged.

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